Dorico SE vs Elements

I have the demo for Dorico installed that I am evaluating - it’s in “pro” mode since that’s the way the demo works (24 hours, then back to SE which I put in the activation code for). Licensed on me Cubase 10.5 eLicenser

I’m not interested in the Pro (too $$) and I’m trying to evaluate SE vs Elements for some basic guitar notation work. Would like to get the JANSALE discount so I’ve got a week. But I’m having a hard time comparing the two (SE vs Elements) since the demo is for “pro” - anyway…

I’ve looked at the “comparison chart” and the only difference between SE and Elements seems to be the number of players, templates, and the HALion Symphonic Orchestra. Compare the Versions of Dorico: Elements & Pro | Steinberg

Can anyone tell me if (aside from above I mentioned) there are other differences between SE and Elements - especially with regard to chords, chord diagrams, tab? Any core differences? SE looks very powerful just limited to 2 players.

I know Elements is very reasonable price - but the differences in the chart don’t really concern me - 2 players is fine for what I need, and I don’t need the Symphonic Orchestra…

Those really are the differences between Elements and SE. They have the same capabilities, apart from the player limit.

Me confused? Neither Elements nor SE has HALion Symphonic Orchestra? Isn’t the difference the Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro?

According to the chart, with Elements, you get 10 more players, 23 templates and Olympus Choir Micro.

Well the 23 additional templates wouldn’t be much use to an SE user, given they’re the 23 templates that contain more than two players. So yeah, that leaves the 10 players and Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro.

Wow that’s quite a feature set for SE. I’m looking at the Elements manual pdf and it’s impressive - if SE has all of that except player limits - wow.

Is there any way to skip past the 24 hour “pro” demo directly to SE?

Just a comment - this is an absolutely brilliant piece of software. You can tell there’s been countless hours spent on optimizing the UI and a lot of thought put into how people work. Just such a clean inspiring workplace.

I’m afraid I don’t think so, icpr, unless you put the SE license on your Soft-eLicenser and disconnect your USB-eLicenser. But I’m delighted to hear you are enjoying your explorations of Dorico SE so far!

Well I’m down to 20 hours to it wont take long! Maybe I’ll just let it run

You know that you can hold down the ALT key while you open Dorico to get to Elements or hold down the CTRL/CMD key to reach SE even while you have access to Dorico Pro. Hold down the appropriate key as soon as you double-click on the Dorico icon and hold it until the splash screen opens.

Derrek, there seem to have been a few threads that have implied that this doesn’t work if a dongle is present with the All Products trial. I can’t confirm either way as I don’t have such a dongle/license, but that’s certainly the impression I’m getting.

Just tried it and it works for me (the hot keys) at least on Win10.
You have to hold them immediately AFTER you double click the program icon.


What those who had the All Products Trial seemed to be complaining about was that they got an ad; I wasn’t aware that they also could not reach SE or Elements.