Dorico SE3 acting strangely

I’m new to Dorico SE3 (the free version). When I play anything, or even just open up a new score, a low note (from a keyboard, I think) sounds regularly every couple few seconds. (Like Quasomoto ringing the bell at Notre Dame). And it writes that note on the score. No way to stop it. It just keeps going and going…and going…

Also, When I try to play a sample song, I get a fast, repetitive click(?) sound.

I did see how to open the mixer. And I can mute these sounds by muting the instrument track. But I shouldn’t need to do that.

Any thoughts? Since it’s a free version, I don’t expect too much, but these problems make me want to give up on Dorico and stick to my Cubase.

A low sound like that is usually a keyswitch for the instrument imported through MIDI. Importing via XML would leave out the keyswitch.

I’m not sure how one would handle keyswitches in SE as I’m not sure how much flexibility you have adjusting Expression Maps, and I do not offhand see one that might screen out the Keyswitches (possibly piano pedal?). You can experiment with the pull-downs for the MIDI channel in Play mode to see if one will help.

Did you reboot after installation?

gsmccar, I suggest you check out the advice under Playback problems in the FAQ thread, since these tips are just as applicable to Dorico SE as to other flavours of the software. In particular, try changing some of the settings in Edit > Device Setup.