Dorico seems to lag....

I am not sure if something went wrong during installation, but Dorico seems to lag behind mouse clicks, computer keyboard entries, etc., when running.

When I click on a “player” in setup mode, it takes about a half second before it highlights blue. When inputting notes, I hit “a” (for A pitch), and it takes about a half second before it is displayed on the staff.

I copied a piccolo part to a regular flute part (pasted it an octave higher, which I expected). I selected all of the notes in the flute part, pressed command+alt+(down arrow) to move the voice down an octave. It was about a half second before anything happened, but when it did move down an octave, it moved note by note in successive order. The speed at which the notes moved would be like 16ths notes in 4/4 time at quarter note 75 beats per minute.

Is this normal, or is something going on with my computer?


Sorry… saw this was already brought up under “UI responsiveness is really bad”