Dorico selector surprises

  1. If I select a dynamic (or a playing technique) and delete it, the Dorico selector vanishes. (I would expect the nearest note to be selected.) If I press any arrow key, the selector reappears at the left-most object of the screen view. Here is an example, first in page view (see the selector jump to the top left) and then in galley view (the selector jumps to the bar rest slightly out of left frame, causing the screen to leap backwards.
  2. I create a Shift-X text object and type some text in. I press escape, and would expect the text object should now be selected. Instead whatever was previously selected is still selected. This does not match the behavior for dynamics, playing instructions, breath marks, slurs, time signatures, or tempo markings—after you create any of those, they become selected. It would be more useful if Shift-X text objects followed this general convention.

I agree, Jeffrey,
These different behaviors are quite surprising and I often “search” the orange item — especially when there is none.

Yes, I agree that Dorico should more consistently leave something selected after you delete something – this is on our list of things to improve in future.