Dorico Shadow note


I saw the video about the new feature and how to move the shadow note up and down with Alt +Up/Down. But it doesnt work for me.
I can move the yellow note with this method but I can’t move the grey note.
What can I do ?

(Im on Dorico - Canadian French keyboard)

Thank you


Have you really got Pitch before Duration enabled? Key command K ( or click the 2nd symbol from the top in the left panel?)
Or instead of using Alt+Up/Down you can just type a pitch name.

Pitch before Duration enabled
on my french keyboard : Alt+Up/Down and also Alt Gr+Up/Down

Hi, thanks for your answers.

But it doesn’t work. K is enable, shadow note dont move.
If I wrote something before, the last yellow will move instead of the shadow one.

You need to change this setting in Preferences:

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Thank you so much dankreider !

One day for 2 buttons :smiley:
I hope this post will be usefull for many people !

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I certainly learned something I didn’t know before. I am generally using duration-before -pitch these days (never thought I’d say that :astonished:), but I like always to learn more about things I use less often.

So thank you for bringing this up.