Dorico shuts down suddenly on saving

With caret active – shut down on save

Without caret active – save works as expected.

Diagnostics attached, I have more but file size is too big (1.5 MB)

This occurred before in my working studio with the computer docked, now I have been able to reproduce the same at home with the laptop by itself.

New crash dump – (2.0 MB)

Thanks for reporting this. I can’t reproduce this at will in a new project, but it certainly looks like there’s a real problem here. Can you attach (or otherwise send to me) the project you’re currently working on, and let me know where in the project you are showing the caret? Or are you able to reproduce this at will on a brand new, empty project too?

Thank you Daniel, I will send you the project.
I did not try sufficiently with a new project, but a quick test (new, add a few notes, save) showed no anomalies.