dorico/sibelius sound sets

Greetings all,
Is there any way for Dorico to use any/all of the Sibelius sound sets?
From what I can figure, there isn’t. But perhaps there’s a trick?
Thanks so much

No, I’m afraid not, whether you are referring to the sound library that comes with Sibelius, or more generally to sound set files that people have created to map the capabilities of third-party virtual instruments.

no, but if you’re familiar with how the Sib. soundsets operate, it can provide hints as to the possible construction of a Dorico one if you know what you’re doing. Not saying I necessarily recommend this, esp. as there are some mistakes in the Sib ones for VSL anyway.

That’s too bad, but obviously not a biggie.
Thank you for the swift response, and for the fabulous software.