Dorico slow after Dorico 4.1 update

I am running D4 on windows 10. I updated to D4.1 two days ago and ever since Dorico has been extremely slow.
For example if I go to ‘save as’ I can enter a project name but then have to wait as long as perhaps 30 seconds for Dorico to implement the command and save my project… The same occurs for every command while editing the score. Every command takes 10-30 seconds to take effect and Dorico shows ‘not responding’ for a while after nearly every command.
I was wondering if the trouble could be with the ‘Steinberg Activation manager’ utility which I am prompted to relaunch every time I open Dorico. This has been happening since the last (maintenance) update
Furthermore during the update to D4.1 I was prompted to bring SAM up to date which I attempted to do not realising that SAM was still open. It now occurs to me that SAM might be corrupted .
So I would like to know whether I can do a complete re-install of Dorico 4 and all utilities needed to run it or whethertere is an alternative strategy.

I have just discovered after posting the above that the slowness of Dorico only occurs in one particular project. I can create new projec
ts, load previous projects, and navigate around them quite freely.
So the problem would seem to be with one specific project file. Any help would be appreciated.

You should upload the project so we can actually look at it, if you’re comfortable doing that.

The other thing you can try is using the Silent playback template and see if it’s still slow?

I tried loading the Silence template and Dorico responded quickly enough (back to normal).
The project in question is a work in progress which uses a template for the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra. This project responds properly to editing commands when I apply the Noteperformer template.
But I would like to get it finished soon using the EWQLSO template so I will upload it here

P.S. In trying to upload the project file I found
(1) that the whole file was too big for the forum servers (6.4MB)
(2) that when I compressed it its size hardly changed at all (6.3MB)
and (3) that when I cut the project size down by deleting the last half of the project the file size didn’t decrease significantly. (presumably Dorico was ‘remembering’ the original file size
So I am fiinding it difficult to upload a project file for this piece

I’m not sure about the rest but you could try using WeTransfer to upload full file?

I have found the answer to my question. The playback template for EWQLSO I was applying to the project had a fault in it that seemed to have something to do with the way EWQLSO implements its harp patches which I don’t think I was interpreting correctly.
Anyhow since the slowness of Dorico was only present for the EWQLSO playback template and since I had made several different templates for EWQLSO I decided to try a simpler EWQLSO template which didn’t involve implementing the harp patches as I was not too sure I had got this right in the first place.
The slowness of Dorico seems to have gone away after I applied the simpler PT .
BTW What is ‘WeTransfer’. Will it work with Steinberg forum uploads?

It’s just a place to upload files. Yes, you just copy the link to your file and post here for us to click.

Oh thanks This could be a useful thing to know.

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