Dorico slow at big project

I have a project with full orchestra and about 15 singer voices. 20 Flows by now. My problem is: Dorico is getting very slow if I work with so many flows. Ok, the MacBook Pro is 5 years old, but 16 GB RAM. For example: If I try to add 4 staves of singers to a flow it takes about 3-4 minutes… Deleting 4 staves the same. I know, Dorico always calculates the best looking layout, but is there a possibility to speed up in any way? I already decided do split the whole work (38 flows…) in Act 1 and Act 2.

The first and easiest way is to navigate to the current layout, then save, close, and re-open the project. The system will just load that layout only, it should be a lot faster. What slows it down is navigating between many layouts.

Also, cores, not RAM, seems to be the common culprit for slow performance. Are you running a dual-core?

Please read this post.

i5. 2,5 GHz… Not the newest one indeed.

Hm. I only work in full score. I opened and closed, no change. I even didn’t open other layouts.

I have a workaround for me:Working with 38 single files, all have the same player list (but not all players active per file).

Then I create a new project with 38 flows. Every flow with the right instruments active. Then copy-paste all single files to the flows.

The problem is not the editing in the layouts, it’s the adding staves to a single flow. Or deleting staves.

i5 2.5GHz but how many cores?
Is it dual-core or quad-core? Or if it’s a five years old, the easier question would be: is it 13" or 15" screen size? If it’s 13" inch then it’s definitely dual-core. If it’s 15" it’s probably quad-core.

Jürgen, if you read the post I linked to in my reply, you’ll see a way that you can do the Setup mode operations you need to do in your large project without waiting forever, which is to show just one part layout, then close and reopen the project, then do the Setup mode operations you need to do.

Aaaargh… Sorry Daniel, my English seems to be too bad. “Part” was the full score here. But of course you mean an instrumental part … so it didn’t work. Now everything is ok. Thanks a lot

Sorry that I wasn’t clear enough, Jürgen! But I’m glad you’ve got it figured out now.

No problem! It was my fault, and I’m totally happy that it works now. Even with my Dual-Core i5 from 2014…