Dorico Sound Content not found


I installed 10GB Sound Content and also the update for Dorico Sound Content, but Halion 7 in Dorico there is no sound content. I tried everything but it doesn’t looad any Sounds. Also in Library Manager there are only vocal sounds but no sounds from halion.

Please help me. I get crazy with this…

Did you apply the correct Playback template?


What do you mean?

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Please have a look under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content
That is the location where all the sounds should get installed to.
What do you have there in that folder and subfolders?

Did you look at the correct Library? The one directly under Macintosh HD.


I am sorry, You are right!!! Now I found the correct folder.

Sorry, I don’t use Halion myself, only Noteperformer. But as I said before, did you try Play menu → Playback template, select the correct one and apply.


But I guess it’s something else since it’s not shown in Library manager

On my Mac before there was no problem. I installed the Sound Content via the Download Manager, started Dorico and everything worked fine. Also strange is, the sound content should be 10 GB but the folder only has 1,5GB inside.

Could it be that you need to run under Rosetta?
Just a guess.


Halion and Dorico run without Rosetta…

is there somebody else with the same problem?

Sorry, but I’m out of guesses.


Thanks a lot for trying to help :slight_smile:

In your initial post in the thread, you included a screenshot of Steinberg Library Manager showing only a single content set installed: is that really what you see? If so, then that certainly explains why Dorico can’t find any content, because most of it is not installed!

Thanks a lot for your help. This was the final clue! Even the Download Manager said, the installation was complete (shown in the screenshot), in fact it wasn’t. I installed the content again and finally it works!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

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