Dorico sound doesn't want to start on 2019 MacBook Air

Writing for a student - his MacBook Air almost always (90% of the time) has this issue with Dorico (built-in HALion playback).

  • he starts Dorico Pro 3.5, but there is no sound

  • goes to Edit/Device Setup, it already says “Built-in Audio”

  • goes to Device Control Panel, and checks Output = MacBook Air speakers if it isn’t already checked
    (sometimes having headphones in can affect this)

  • if this works after one or two times, there will often be a stuck midi note which he has to turn off

  • sometimes playback still doesn’t work

  • then he’ll do this one or two more times, or (right now) even more

  • his only other audio programs are Spotify, iTunes, and GarageBand. He opened and closed GarageBand, and then Dorico worked! Thank you for any ideas or advice!

Sounds like a hardware issue to me. I’ve never heard something similar before. But you could do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Maybe from the log files I can see something

Thanks very much! Here’s the diagnostic report from his computer.

Dorico (545.6 KB)