Dorico Sound Files Mac

I am sure this has been beaten to death, but I am struggling with having Dorico locate the sound library. Right now the program only recognizes the default HALion Sonic SE (although I did something so it can’t seem to find it anymore). I want to be able to use the sounds like HALion Symphonic Orchestra. It just doesn’t show up in the VST instruments tab. I just have Dorico Beep and the HALion Sonic SE. Is there a specific folder that I am supposed to move the sound files to on the mac? I have been going through a lot of videos and reading the forums and I just can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

One thought - have you gone to Play, and under the Play menu, selected the correct Playback Template? If you’ve not done that, it may help.

HALion Sonic SE is also the player for the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sound patches, so what you are seeing is correct.
Also when you apply the default playback template, Dorico will load the according Symphonic Orchestra sounds into HALion Sonic SE, so everything is fine with your installation.