Dorico speed under Windows 10

Hi all,

I’m working here on an orchestral score - still quite empty, soon quite full. However Dorico is already not reacting immediately. (E.g. when clicking a bar it at least takes half a second til the elements are selected).

Is this normal?
Is there a way to speed up Dorico?

This is Dorico 5 Pro under Windows 10. (Noteperformer and RME Fireface.)

Thanks! Stefan

Not normal in my copy of Dorico Pro.

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Could you supply the file so others can take a look at it - before too many notes are added? You might get a more definitive answer that way.

I would check to make sure your Windows installation is up to date and that your graphics driver is current, as well. I was having a massive slow down in Dorico until I updated those two components.

What CPU are you using? How much RAM? If you go to C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5 and open the application.log file, what sort of times are shown? With a relatively big piano project open (180 pages), it only takes me 155ms to select a bar, so definitely well under 500ms.

Hi and thanks all!

Here’s a snippet from “application.log”:

2024-06-24 09:53:24.995 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.SelectAtPoint X=1097.42, Y=1073.2, AddToSelection=0, BlockSelection=0, NextSelectionAtPoint=0, SelectionTriggerAction=0, OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:53:24.995 [info] Executing command: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1097.42&Y=1073.2&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:53:25.146 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1097.42&Y=1073.2&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0 (151 ms)
2024-06-24 09:53:37.950 [info] ping response received: from silk service
2024-06-24 09:54:09.859 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.SelectAtPoint X=1040.72, Y=989.691, AddToSelection=0, BlockSelection=0, NextSelectionAtPoint=0, SelectionTriggerAction=0, OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:09.859 [info] Executing command: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1040.72&Y=989.691&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:09.915 [info] addEventsForAudition() adding 1 events to buffer #:0
2024-06-24 09:54:09.921 [info] processAuditionEvents() - processed 1 events
2024-06-24 09:54:10.044 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1040.72&Y=989.691&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0 (186 ms)
2024-06-24 09:54:23.060 [info] ping response received: from silk service
2024-06-24 09:54:26.209 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.SelectAtPoint X=1096.39, Y=1001.03, AddToSelection=0, BlockSelection=0, NextSelectionAtPoint=0, SelectionTriggerAction=0, OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:26.209 [info] Executing command: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1096.39&Y=1001.03&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:26.263 [info] addEventsForAudition() adding 1 events to buffer #:0
2024-06-24 09:54:26.294 [info] processAuditionEvents() - processed 1 events
2024-06-24 09:54:26.366 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1096.39&Y=1001.03&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0 (157 ms)
2024-06-24 09:54:27.265 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.SelectAtPoint X=1038.66, Y=986.082, AddToSelection=0, BlockSelection=0, NextSelectionAtPoint=0, SelectionTriggerAction=0, OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:27.265 [info] Executing command: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1038.66&Y=986.082&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:27.318 [info] addEventsForAudition() adding 1 events to buffer #:0
2024-06-24 09:54:27.332 [info] processAuditionEvents() - processed 1 events
2024-06-24 09:54:27.421 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1038.66&Y=986.082&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=0&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0 (155 ms)
2024-06-24 09:54:28.135 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.SelectAtPoint X=1098.45, Y=988.144, AddToSelection=0, BlockSelection=1, NextSelectionAtPoint=0, SelectionTriggerAction=0, OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:28.135 [info] Executing command: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1098.45&Y=988.144&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=1&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:28.190 [info] addEventsForAudition() adding 1 events to buffer #:0
2024-06-24 09:54:28.215 [info] processAuditionEvents() - processed 1 events
2024-06-24 09:54:28.297 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.SelectAtPoint?X=1098.45&Y=988.144&AddToSelection=0&BlockSelection=1&NextSelectionAtPoint=0&SelectionTriggerAction=0&OpenScoreID=0 (162 ms)
2024-06-24 09:54:30.149 [info] Posting command (requested): Edit.CopyAtLocation X=1024.74, Y=888.66, LayoutAspectType=kGalleyViewAspect, LayoutID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:30.149 [info] Executing command: Edit.CopyAtLocation?X=1024.74&Y=888.66&LayoutAspectType=kGalleyViewAspect&LayoutID=0
2024-06-24 09:54:30.423 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Edit.CopyAtLocation?X=1024.74&Y=888.66&LayoutAspectType=kGalleyViewAspect&LayoutID=0 (274 ms)

(This is selecting a bar, and alt-copying it somewhere.)

It seems I was wrong with my guessing of half a second. But it is a very noticable delay. (Comparing Sibelius which reacts at an instant for the same kind of score.)

I have 16GB RAM. Intel Core i7. Latest version of Win10 and Graphics Driver.

Are there any ways to make this setup faster?
And: Would a faster machine operate faster?

Does Dorico feels like instantly reacting in your setups?


Rather than posting the entire text of a diagnostic text in your message, it would be helpful to some of us if you attached it to make your post shorter and easier to follow.

Thanks in advance.

A faster machine will run Dorico somewhat faster, but in general you will find that Dorico feels slower than Sibelius on the same hardware. Dorico is doing orders of magnitude more computation than Sibelius, in order to automatically achieve superior results, and its architecture is completely different.

Thanks Daniel. That’s interesting to hear.

I certainly see and appreciate the great new features of Dorico.

On the other hand the question is, whether the normal “bread and butter” things (inputting notes, selecting objects etc.) you do a million times when creating a score, aren’t much more timeconsuming.

If anybody still has ideas of how to speed up Dorico, I’m very interested.

Dorico does lots more computation than e.g. Finale and Sibelius, so even though it’s got a multi-threaded architecture, it will be somewhat slower in larger projects than those other applications. There are things you can do to keep it moving as quickly as possible, though.

Firstly, try to stick to a single window for each project, e.g. don’t open many windows onto the same project. Likewise, don’t use multiple tabs in each window: even if you’re not looking at the contents of those tabs, Dorico has to update them after every edit, and that increases the amount of computation it has to do.

Also, if you have at some point in the current editing session had multiple tabs open, once you close them all to leave just the current tab you’re working on, it’s a good idea to close the project altogether and reopen it, as under some circumstances Dorico will continue to maintain the last closed view (in case you reopen it again), so that will also cause a bit of a slow-down.

You will also find that Dorico pauses when it auto-saves, so if you’ve got auto-save set to an aggressively high interval (e.g. every 1 minute) you might want to dial that back. Although it doesn’t affect auto-save, you’ll also find that saving itself via Command-S/Ctrl+S will be quicker if you switch off the option to create thumbnails in File > Project Info (as otherwise Dorico will do a PDF export to generate the preview when you save, and on a large project that can add a second or two to the save time).

For note input and editing, it’s a good idea to work in galley view if possible, rather than page view, and if you are using condensing for the project, switch that off while you’re doing input and editing – even if you’re in galley view, where condensing isn’t used, some calculations for condensing will still be carried out unless you turn condensing off.


Hi @Stefan_B ,
I often work with big projects with many flows and had the same problem and had to be very patient while editing. In the end I bought a new computer and I am very happy with the speed, I get now.
Some addtional advices given in the past, which helped me, are:

  • Switch to the Silence Playback template, when you don’t need the playback all the time.
  • Switch off the playback of repeats in the Playback Options.

As a feature request, I’d love to see a Preferences option to specify whether this thumbnail setting should be on or off by default when creating a New project. My own preference would be for this to always be off if this was a possible option.