Dorico springs when deleting a series of notes

Dear users and developers,

Dorico springs when deleting a series of notes. This is the behaviour of caret.
When deleting a series of notes, for example, all notes in bar 10 and 11, the caret goes to previous rest, note or tuplet number.

It prohibits seamless workflows. It would be really appreciated if the caret stays at the time position of the first note of the selection after deleting.

Would it be possible in a future version of Dorico?

Can you please provide a simple, concrete example of what you’re talking about? Thanks.

I am sending a video example. Do you need also the Dorico project file? I can send it via email or personal message.

Yes, I’ll need the project to be able to reproduce this problem.

I have sent the file via the message in the forum. Thanks!

Thanks for providing the project file. Now I’ve been able to try this for myself I can see what’s happening. Dorico tries to leavr you with a useful selection after you delete somehthing, and in this case it selects a tuplet at the end of page 10, so it then moves it into view. This is the correct behaviour given the software’s current design.

However, this is not “the behaviour of the caret”. If you invoke the caret before deleting a selection, the caret will remain exactly where it is.

Yes, indeed, quite so, Leo. I expect you looked at PyoungRyang’s video and saw that the caret wasn’t involved at all.

For me it would be a great feature if Dorico selected the first (implicit) rest resulting from the deletion, instead of the current design.