Dorico stalls on 92%

Dorico fails to launch, is stuck on 92%. Either it launches after several minutes, or needs force quitting.

Update: it also takes forever to attach video.

Version of Dorico is

Attached is process-sample from Activity Monitor.
Sample from Dorico process.pdf (166.8 KB)

Sample Dorico_video.pdf (153.7 KB)

Could you please have a look for crash files of the VSTAudioEngine process? Thanks

Hi Ulf,

there are no crash files for it in the Logs-folder /Library/Logs. Should I look elsewhere?

Hi Henrik, could you please run the attached script? That should collect all the stuff that we usually want to take a look at, including pertinent crash files. Thank you. (1.2 KB)


I get only this when running it. Will I need to quit Dorico first?

Will it start if you manually close the VSTAudioEngine process first before starting Dorico? If Dorico doesn’t automatically close it correctly after a previous session, then sometimes I find I have to manually close it before starting Dorico.

Hi Fred,

I don´t think I have ever dealt with the VstAudioEngine… how would I close it? I am using Vienna Ensemble Pro Server on the same machine.

Henrik, did you update also the MediaService?

Sorry, I just realized you’re on Mac. In Windows, it can manually be closed from Task Manager if Dorico didn’t correctly close it in a previous session. No idea if Mac works similarly.

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It does work similarly :wink:
It’s not Task manager but Activity Monitor.


I’m in direct contact with Henrik now and will sort things with him.