Dorico Start Processes Question

Hello good people.
OK. Dorico (3.5 and newly purchased 4.3) hanging on startup. I’m not the first one, not the last one, no big deal. Yes, it doesn’t like this plugin and that plugin, I get it. (Although it still beats the living hell out of me, why the audio engine cannot just ask Cubase for settings).
I think I will do the following. I will create empty directories for Dorico to scan directories and just sym-link very few plugins that I need in Dorico, that way everybody will be happy and I won’t have to restart computer in front of the client.
Folks, if anyone knows what is the name of windows deamon/process/task of scanning plugins? That way I could just kill it and enjoy my work until I’ll make changes in the vst/vst3 settings via Dorico GUI.
Thank you in advance,


The tasks are called vstscanner and vstscannermaster, but just killing them won’t help you.
Also, it’s not that straight forward of just creating a new folder and symlinking that to get out of trouble. Maybe for VST2 that does work, but not for VST3. And, it also could be some other component that makes trouble with you.
I’ve also sent you a private message.

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