Dorico starts without window in Windows10

Dorico starts wihout Window. Only the Taskmanager shows the Task running

That’s very peculiar, Helmut. Do you have lots and lots of VST instruments on your computer? Perhaps it’s taking a long time to scan them (though I would still expect the splash screen to appear pretty quickly in any case).

Can you try to find the file application.log in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico, and see what it says? You can open it in a text editor and paste its contents here.

I found the file.

Here you get the content:

2016-11-20 16:22:39.657 : Dorico 1.0.0 build 4025 (Oct 13 2016)
2016-11-20 16:22:39.659 : Initializing Printer Services
2016-11-20 16:22:39.766 : Got information for printer: TOSHIBA e-STUDIO PS3
2016-11-20 16:22:39.854 : Got information for printer: PDF Writer - bioPDF
2016-11-20 16:22:40.041 : Got information for printer: Microsoft XPS Document Writer
2016-11-20 16:22:40.194 : Got information for printer: Microsoft Print to PDF
2016-11-20 16:22:40.405 : Got information for printer: KONICA MINOLTA SST
2016-11-20 16:22:40.519 : Got information for printer: KONICA MINOLTA PST
2016-11-20 16:22:40.605 : Got information for printer: HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL6
2016-11-20 16:22:40.674 : Got information for printer: FRITZfax Drucker (Kopie 1)
2016-11-20 16:22:40.710 : Got information for printer: FRITZfax Drucker
2016-11-20 16:22:40.754 : Got information for printer: FRITZfax Color Drucker (Kopie 1)
2016-11-20 16:22:40.805 : Got information for printer: FRITZfax Color Drucker
2016-11-20 16:22:40.906 : Got information for printer: Fax
2016-11-20 16:22:40.966 : Got information for printer: CIB pdf brewer
2016-11-20 16:22:41.007 : Got information for printer: An OneNote 2010 senden
2016-11-20 16:24:26.188 : Got information for printer: \\HP_Color_LaserJet_CP1215
2016-11-20 16:26:53.337 : Initializing Core Services
2016-11-20 16:26:53.355 : Initializing Framework Services
2016-11-20 16:26:53.364 : Initializing localisations
2016-11-20 16:26:53.393 : Initializing Engine
2016-11-20 16:26:53.395 : Initializing Application

Now I wait a lot of time (45 minutes), but Dorico does not show the window.

That certainly suggests that the application is starting up properly. Do you have multiple displays attached to your computer? Is it possible the window is opening in an unexpected place? Do you see the Dorico icon in your taskbar, or does the program appear not to be running at all?

The Program does not appear running at all!!!

If i run Dorico wihtout eLincenser, then there is no message about missing lincense.

If you run Task Manager before you start running Dorico, do you see Dorico appear in the list of running programs when you start it? Does it stay there, or does it appear and then immediately disappear?

What audio hardware does your computer have? Do you have any kind of external audio device or dedicated audio hardware, or are you relying solely on your computer’s internal soundchip?

I use my internal Soundcard of the Computer. There is no external soudcard installed.
Dorico is not in the taskmanager. When i start Dorico it appears in the taskmanager and stays there, but no Window will appear.
I only can terminate Dorico by terminating the task in the taskmanager

From your application log it appears that Dorico isn’t getting as far as launching the audio engine. Can you also check the Task Manager to see if there is a process called VSTAudioEngine running?

There are few things you can try:

If your internal soundcard is a RealTek then there is a known problem with this card, which will be fixed in the next update. A workaround for it is to install ASIO4All.

Yes my internal AudioCard is a RealTec Card.
So perhaps this is the Problem.
The CleanUp-Script does not let Dorico start.

There is no task VSTAudioEngine_64 running in Taskmanager
The directory c:\user\helmut\AppData\local\Steinberg does not exist

Ok, so I would suggest installing ASIO4All as a workaround for the moment, though this RealTek should be fixed in the update that will be out soon.

The Steinberg directory containing VSTAudioEngine_64 is in appData*Roaming*, not appData\Local

In the directory …\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg there is no directory VSTAudioEngine_64.

Are you absolutely sure? On my machine there is and the absolute path is:

Would that imply an incomplete installation–or a file that was somehow subsequently deleted?

Good question. I can’t imagine. I rather think it is a mistake of Helmut reading the path. That’s why I asked to double check.

No, in the path


there is only:

HALion Sonic SE_64

nothing else.