Dorico startup problems re: Synsopos (macOS)

A couple threads have been discussing startup problems with Dorico related to Synsopos running or not etc. I am starting a new thread as it seems like this might address those threads as well.

This morning I was presented with a similar problem. Dorico would just hang. I had to force quit every time. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled everything to no avail. But I think I stumbled onto a solution.

In the System preferences>Security and Privacy>Privacy tab>Automation section, there is a checkbox to allow Dorico to control Synsopos. If you disable this checkbox, wait several seconds, and then re-enable it, this seems to magically fix things.

So I recommend trying this for anyone having similar issues. I also recommend to force quit Dorico, VST Audio Engine and Synsopos before doing this.

We don’t yet know the cause for why Dorico sometimes hangs on start-up on macOS 10.14 Mojave when using the Soft-eLicenser, but we are working on it. You certainly do need to have the entry for Dorico to control Synsopos in the Automation section of the Security & Privacy pane in System Preferences, but based on the limited knowledge we have about this problem at the moment, I don’t believe that disabling and re-enabling it will make any difference.

The best known workaround for this problem at the moment is to run eLicenser Control Center before running Dorico, and to leave it running while Dorico is running.

I’ve read all those other threads. I tried leaving eLcc running. That did not help. I tried this because a similar solution has been suggested as a way to fix iCloud message sync problems with macOS. And it is effective at that. I tried nearly everything I could think of including the suggestions in the other threads and the only thing that worked is disabling and re-enabling the control for Synsopos. And I haven’t seen the problem recur since doing that. And I’ve started Dorico a dozen times since then.

When it does recur, the first thing I will try is this.

Read my notes:

This is how I bypassed the same issue happened on my laotop.
If it doesn’t work on your mac, then send your all diagnostic report files (generated by the in your system) to Daniel or Paul W. by email.


Thanks, I saw your note when you originally posted it. I tried replicating at the time as well as now and while my log file shows the DEPRECATED use of libdispatch, I was not able to cause a freeze. So my issue is different somehow.

Please do either of the following (I recommend the first one):

Choice 1: The eLicenser team just released a public update – eLicenser Control Version
This build is a new public x64 release and is worth being tested by anyone who had fed up with this issue.

Choice 2: Downgrade your eLicenser Control Center to (a 64-bit build).
I tested that this build completely troubleshooted this issue on my computer.
HOWEVER, I suggest you NOT to use this build to add / change / remove the licenses installed to your soft-eLicenser or USB eLicenser.
(There are some reasons why Steinberg pulled this build off.)
At least, as a license reader, this build should bring no problem to you.

P.S.: You may have to email to ask a copy of this build.

No, please don’t follow ShikiSuen’s instructions. Please rely on information provided directly via Steinberg, and not by individual users, however well-meaning.

As I have already explained, the issue with Dorico intermittently hanging on start-up is not related to whether or not the eLicenser Control Center app and its components like Synsopos are 64-bit executables.

The eLicenser team just released a public update – eLicenser Control Version
This build is a new public release and is worth being tested by anyone who had fed up with this issue.

This new version works well for me. You’ll need to reauthorize Synsopos for all your apps that use it.

The authorization is confusing. System preferences shows Synsopos is already authorized. One thing you can do is clear out the System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Automation entries using the following command in Terminal:

tccutil reset AppleEvents

Then there will be no confusion about whether Synsopos is already authorized or not. Would be nice if the installation of eLicenser would do this for you (or at least de-authorize the existing entries).

The reauthorization is due to the change of all binary executives updated this time.

I didn’t find the reauthorization notice. This may be because I simply uninstalled the 32bit version of eLicense Control Center (after backing up my SeL database) prior to installing 64-bit builds.

Is there a solution yet? Dorico hangs while starting up and I don’t see the opening screen. Nothing works. This is a bummer…
I payed 559 euro for a program that doesn’t work… Please solve this problem!
Ron from The Netherlands

But what is the solution then? Dorico hangs frequently

This works for me:

Ron, I’m sorry you’ve had this problem, but you should find that provided you run eLicenser Control Center before you start Dorico, and leave it running, then Dorico starts up correctly. Contrary to my previous statements on the matter, it turns out that the 64-bit version of eLicenser Control Center may also alleviate the symptoms, because of some internal API changes required to migrate to 64-bit. However, the forthcoming Dorico 2.2.10 update also provides a belt-and-braces solution for this problem, so once it is released (real soon now, as they say), you will no longer have this problem.

Please SPECIFY the actural version of what you have downloaded & tried.
This link automatically updates.

The reason why it works for you because you have downloaded a 64bit build of eLc suite.

Please update to the latest version of eLicenser Control Center (UNLESS the version history indicates that the current build is not x64).
My tests on my side proves that this works (as long as you gave the required system privacy privileges to eLicenser Control Center).

I’m on Dorico 2.2.10 now. No problems anymore.