Dorico Student Price eligibility


I am a long time Cubase user. When I bought Cubase 7.5 like five years or so ago,back then I was also studying at a music college. I went to a physical music shop and the seller knew I was a Student at said college thus he sold me at the ~50% discounted price (since then I was eligible for Cubase 8 due to a grace period and when I finally updated to 9 I did so online).

Now I’m interested in buying Dorico 2 (Thinking of Elements edition as I am not sure why if the pro is advantageous for me, I just compose for solo piano so far almost exclusively, and maybe small ensembles soon, don’t make any money out of it currently and don’t plan on making big buck out of it either. correct me if I’m wrong and should buy the pro for x reason but price/feature wise I believe the Elements is enough for me!)

I was working with Musescore very tediously and slowly. The last straw was when I realized I want to halve the note values of my entire score from 4/4 to 2/4 that I don’t have a choice I need to restart all over again I figured that’s it I had it.

I’m studying M.A in Music Technology and visual Media at uni, I am defo eligible for student discount, how do I go about the process of purchase? Do I need to ask the uni to provide me some sort of paper? or what? I don’t live in an English speaking country, dunno what kind of form I’m looking for, should it specify Dorico (the software we use at our studies are Cubase, Abelton and Max/MSP not Dorico actually but I want it).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks

Happy New Year, Chummy. There is a form you can download and complete available in the Education area of our web site for you to provide the necessary information. You can get it stamped/signed by somebody at your institution, and then provide a PDF of that during the purchase process, or take it to your local reseller, who will handle the purchase for you. If you have any student identification that shows your name, the institution you’re enrolled at, and dates that prove you’re currently a student, that would also be sufficient.

Hi Daniel Happy new Year!

can’t say I found a link in the Education area of what you described. I just checked with uni and providing an English translated form of confirmation that I’m studying there is going to cost me money, and not little.

However I DO have my student card (which looks like a credit card) on which my name and the uni name in English (and in my native language as well) and “2018-2019” written on the back. Would a high quality scan of the front and back of the student card suffice? if so where to upload it? I haven’t found a right spot on “MySteinberg” personal profile… :frowning:


The form is here:

To submit your student card you’d do that during the purchase process, which is handled by AskNet on behalf of Steinberg (it’s completely separate to MySteinberg). You go to the Dorico website, click Buy in the top right corner, select the “Education” option, then go to checkout. Give your name, email address and postal address. At the next page, you’ll be asked to “Initiate verification request”, and once you’ve hit that button you’ll be given the option to upload PDFs.

Thanks Pianoleo

I will do as you said, will upload the PDF files. However how do I know that it will work and I’m not charged for “nothing”? (personally I know I’m eligible however I wouldn’t like to pay money before Steinberg has done everything to confirm my purchase.) I have read about users who downloaded their education version and received and error in the lines of "their eligibility proof has not been confirmed/recevied). So they paid with money just to not being able to use the software which is even a bigger shame.

One last question if I may, Using Cubase 9 I still have to put my dongle inside my PC (btw is this going to change anytime soon?)
However can I just purchase Dorico elements student 2 without having to insert a dongle, thus being able to install it on more than 1 PC that I own?

Thanks guys again!! :slight_smile:

Steinberg/AskNet aren’t in the business of screwing customers over. If they don’t approve your academic eligibility, I have no doubt that they’ll have a process in place to refund your money.

The licensing system is exactly the same for Dorico Elements as it is for Cubase - you can install on one machine and have your licence tied to that machine (with no dongle), or you can install on multiple machines (three, I believe) and host the licence on a dongle.

Steinberg have publicly announced that they have a team working on a new, better, licensing system, but there’s no definitive date on when it’ll be rolled out.

If you pay by credit card, even if something does go terribly wrong you won’t have to fight Steinberg (or any other vendor) yourself. You get a refund from the credit card company, and they then worry about getting their own money back!

I was going to say that, Rob, but I don’t know how these rules work internationally…

The terminology may be different from one country to another, but AFAIK there are always the same two basic options: either you are borrowing money from the card provider (which is what the UK calls a credit card) and you have protection, or you use the card to instantly transfer money from your personal bank account (what the UK calls a debit card) and the transfer is irreversible, unless you can prove the card was used fraudulently by someone else and not by you.

In some countries, banks issue a single physical card which can be used either way.

The bottom line is, never buy anything on line with a debit card!

In fact the way the purchase process works is that you submit your proof of eligibility before you pay, so you won’t even be asked for your credit card details or other form of payment until after you have received confirmation that you’re eligible.

Thank you Daniel. I am about the purchase Dorico next week online from Steinberg’s site. If it’s okay I would like to ask 2 more questions

  1. since I have 1 desktop PC and one Laptop can I use Dorico on 2 computers after purchase? and what happens when one of the PCs goes bad 5 years from now and I buy a new one to replace it, will I be able to re install the software and continue using it on 2 PCs?

  2. If I buy the Elements education version , which is essentially what I’m going to buy, is it possible in the future to upgrade to PRO in a discounted price instead of buying the PRO full price?

From what I understand as an owner of Cubase 9, I was told by the store back then that I can install it on how many computers I want but only use it on the one I currently insert the blue USB key on. Maybe after the purchase of Dorico there’s a way to “combine” both dongles to the USB key I already own instead of having many USB sticks? or not even use a USB key and be able to have it installed on 2-3 computers at the time, no matter if I replace my PC or buy a new one.

Sorry for long post, I just wanna understand everything correctly before I buy so I can have a quiet mind.

  1. It’s exactly the same as Cubase licensing - if you want to stick it on more than one computer you put your licence on a USB dongle. If one of your computers dies and you replace it then it’s really not an issue - your licence is on the dongle. And yes, you can use the same eLicenser dongle you already use for Cubase.

  2. Ignore this.

Leo’s incorrect about the second question: you can upgrade from Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro. The list price for this upgrade is currently €449 inc. German VAT, or the equivalent in your currency.

Sorry, I mis-remembered. There’s a complication with educational pricing…

Hey thanks for the answers!
BTW I am right now attempting to make the purchase online but I get an error :frowning:
I’m on this page:

When I enter my details etc. as a first time customer I get a message that my Email is used and I should use my existing account. Granted, I have one in which my Cubase elicenser is on at “MySteinberg”. So there’s a small button says “log in” below “Are you a returning customer”. I enter email + password and I get an error every time. Now I’m 100% sure my email and pass are correct and that I typed them right. I tried logging into “MySteinberg” personal zone using them and they work every time, just tested now. But no matter how many tries I log in from the payment page (link) above^^ it doesn’t let me enter with my account . How come?

The Steinberg shop and MySteinberg use different accounts. It may be that you’ve registered with the same email address for both, but your password isn’t necessarily the same for both. You’re 100% sure your email and password are correct for the MySteinberg website, but that’s irrelevant for the Steinberg shop. I suggest you follow the “forgot password” link, here:

BRO! You are a genius!!!

I really didn’t know they aren’t the same thing. Must have registered eons ago to that different account and forgot about it. Just reset and works.
Will update after I finally get Dorico YAY!!!

much gratitude, without you I would be banging on my keys attempting passwords forever… :slight_smile:

Passwords are a blight on humanity.

Please Enter Password
Wrong Password
Wrong Password
Wrong Password
Wrong Password
Wrong Password
Please Reset Password

Password cannot be the same as previous password

burns computer

:open_mouth: :astonished: :frowning: :cry:

Okay I sent proof of eligibility now, scanned the front and back of my student ID, which states my full name, photo, personal ID number, Uni name all in English as well as on the back the year “2018-2019” is written which is essential to know that I’m not sending an ID of 10 years ago I guess. Steinberg says it will take a couple of days to verify. Hopefully it works without issues , cause I can’tttt wait to transcribe my compositions already, I’ve got a few already … getting hyped.