Dorico summer sale

Hi everybody,
Anyone know when they do a dorico sale?


Sales are never announced in advance, but there are a few times of the year when they’re more likely (but never guaranteed) to happen. Keeping an eye on this forum, or subscribing to a Steinberg newsletter might help.


No Dorico sales are imminent, I’m afraid.

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However today is the anniversary of the release of Dorico 5 :grin:, v6 soon ? :blush:

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I think it is more urgent to improve the stability of the existing version rather than rushing to upgrade.

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Haven’t had a single crash nor problem with v5 in almost a year I’ve upgraded.

Congratulations, you are lucky. But your luck doesn’t reflect everyone else’s, right?

Yes of course, but that goes both ways.
And as a dev I do know that in a lot of cases, stability is affected by users (like not having minimum recommended system/OS yet still trying to run it at your expense, having cracked softwares affecting the computer’s stability, running too many softwares at the same time -especially when multiple of them need the audio engine- and/or overloading your system RAM with a zillion tabs open in a bloated browser while using your software, etc…) more than the actual software itself.
Not always the case of course, and I’m not saying it’s your case, but those often explain why.
And I’ve been using Dorico since v2, on different computers, I can count the times it crashed on my fingers, but maybe it was indeed just luck (although I did see improvements over the years in stability/lagging when working on big projects).
Anyway, still excited for what v6 will bring !

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You are such a great person. While Dorico engineers are still looking for the root causes of various problems, you have already made conclusions about the causes of various problems. Dorico should definitely hire you as their lead engineer.

Man stop extrapolating, I said “in a lot of cases”, at no point I’m implying what you’re saying, anyway, have a great day.