Dorico support for foreign languages

When I talk to friends and professional colleagues that use music notation software, most of them have heard of Dorico, but only a few of them have had a real look at it. They either say they are comfortable with the software they use, or they had a brief look at it and then realized it takes a learning curve to get familiar with the new concepts used in Dorico. Why should they change when their software can do everything they want and how long would it take them to feel as comfortable with Dorico as they feel with the software they are accustomed to? Some mentioned they gave Dorico a try but gave up early because the support was offered mostly in English, which they don’t speak good enough. This is certainly true for the YouTube channel and this Forum, but also when I compare the manuals. The recent English manual has 1122 pages, the German manual (dated 2017) has 186 pages. I realize that Dorico’s resources are limited, but I would hate to see that language problems are a main reason to prevent a breakthrough for Dorico in non English speaking countries. Are there any plans in the long term to fill some of the these gaps?

Please see this earlier thread.

For what it’s worth, there are a few German speakers around here. Questions have been asked and answered in German before. If necessary, we can also translate them in order to access the greater wisdom of the community. :slight_smile:

There’s also a German Facebook group, but not much traffic there.

Good news with the manuals!

Finally we get a documentation in German?

Dorico 2 manuals in German, Japanese, French, and Italian are now published - my forum post about it with direct links to the different manuals is here, and you can also reach them using the selecting tools on the website :slight_smile:

Great news! Congrats to the whole team! From what I see the foreign manuals now have the same state as the English manual, except that the latter announces the features of version 3, without going into details yet. So, we are one big family now :smiley:

Well… Chinese support for Dorico is a lot worse. But at least most people in China (including me) that are comfortable with buying a 579 EUR piece of notation software would probably be good enough in English I think. However, if Steinberg is really trying to sell Dorico in China then there’re still a lot of works to go (more than just translations, for the convention and even notation system being used in China is different, and in fact it probably takes some code rewriting to get the translation correct, e.g. for translating “Horn in F”).