Dorico & Synchron Harp Player

I got Synchron Harp Player and have some issues and questions that I could not find in it’s manual to solve or answer.

  1. the pedal red keys only seem to change pedals into sharps.
    Does anyone know how to get them to change to flats or natural/unmodified pitch?
  1. Has anyone worked on/figured out how to connect the harp pedal “board” in Dorico to change the pedals in Synchron Harp Player, yet?

  2. Within the Dorico Pro 5 environment, the player crashed/disappeared when changing from one pre set to the other manually. This also happened when
    playing the C9 key on the player keyboard.
    Has anyone else experienced these crashes?


  1. Those keys are velocity sensitive. High=sharp, low=flat, medium=natural…
  2. Doricos pedal logic is purely graphical and has no bearing on the MIDI data output …
    [Edit] note that if the VSL provided Expression Map is used, it initializes the harp player in Chromatic mode, disabling possible pedal settings via MIDI …

Worth enquiring on the VSL forum about this, see if anyone there has a shared experience

Thanks Fratveno for your explanation.
Thanks Marcabru as well; I’ve addressed this in VSL Forum.