Dorico Syncing to Video and Dynamics from midi

Hi I love Dorico and I have few questions. Is there any way to translate dynamics info like mp, P cresc, from the velocity or automation? Reason why I’m asking that is because I received a midi file that I have to notate and create orchestral parts and is very hard from midi to find out the right Dynamics. for it. Would be great if Dorico has is own conventional dynamic sheets compatible with BBCSO Pro and other VST3 Libraries. Another question how can I sync the start of my music to a particular frame I want? I understand you can change video properties but can you do the other way around? Adapt the measure in function of the video for example measure 3 at x,y second?
Thanks for your time to read this and hope to hear soon from you.

Dorico does not provide a way to automatically create printed dynamics from MIDI files. It’s something we’ve talked about, but we’d need to provide some kind of slider to allow you to import with more or fewer dynamics, and making it possible to tune that and re-do it is tricky.

As for making music arrive at a particular point in the video, that’s what the Find Tempo feature is for:

Thank you so much for the infos. Yes it is tricky but maybe you can set up parameter from the velocity like for example 20 is PP and 110 is FF and then divide the rest by percentage. Then let the user decide if he want to choose dynamics from the velocity or the CC Automation when importing midi to Dorico. Just an idea :slight_smile: