Dorico t-shirt

Hey folks, I just got my Dorico t-shirt in the mail. As soon as I put it on, all my text frames started aligning automatically, and Sibelius crashed.

You can use the design to get your own here (U.S. only, I think)

Hi Dan, can you share the dorico transparent background?
thanks in advance

P.S don’t forget to post the real pic with the shirt here :smiley:

Haha happy to, but maybe I should let John Barron or one of the team confirm that it’s ok to share the files… :slight_smile:

I have been wanting shirts and hoodies for a long time now. I would love to do this… maybe as a group? But certainly alone if need be.

Can I order straight from this link to have it delver to my address, Dan? Is this something you know about?


Well, I just ordered 4 shirts. I am looking forward to getting them!