Dorico takes way too long to load

I am quite new to Dorico and have used it for about a month. And I’ve only been creating small projects with 9 instruments at most. But it always takes forever to load, sometimes on startup and others when I try to add midi instruments. Oftentimes, I hear weird glitches when I play it back and in the audio files I export. I’ve never had this much trouble with other musical tools, and I make huge sessions with them.

By the way, I use a 2022 MacBook Pro.

Please help.

Welcome to the forum. When Daniel and/or Ulf see your post they will no doubt ask you to upload to this forum a diagnostic report (from the help menu) and if possible the Dorico file as well.
Doing this now will save you the time it takes for them to get back to you. Being new you may not yet be able to upload big files. If that is the case you could upload the files to a cloud server and post the link here or Daniel may recommend that you message it to him directly.

Good luck and fear not–they will help you fix your issues.


Dorico takes about 7 seconds to launch on my M1 / M2 Macs, from double-clicking until the Hub appears.

So what you’re experiencing is not normal, and may be because of additional software, like third-party VSTs, or audio drivers, or configuration. (It could be a MIDI feedback loop, for example.)

As lafin says, upload the Diagnostic Report here, so that the team can see what’s going on.

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Welcome to the forum, @j_v. Sorry to hear that Dorico is taking a long time to start on your system. As suggested by both @lafin and @benwiggy, we need to see the diagnostics from your system so we can see what is going on: please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico and then attach the resulting zip file here.

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Here it is!
Dorico (812.6 KB)

Thanks for uploading the diagnostics.

@Ulf, could you take a look when you get a chance? It appears that it’s taking about 30 seconds for the audio engine to move from

2023-10-01 13:17:41 : License Info: Received consume result for client Dorico 5 AudioEngineVersion 5.6.10 with senderID Dorico 5 AudioEngineVersion 5.6.10F399E3DCDDFD4C8494C538888C54BF24: For item Dorico Pro Features 5 | license Dorico Pro Features from grant:


2023-10-01 13:18:07 : Finish scanning VST3 Plugins....

I don’t know whether this indicates that the license consumption call is taking 30 seconds, or whether scanning the plug-ins is taking 30 seconds. The Steinberg License Engine log file also seems to show a gap of 30 seconds at about the same time.

No, @dspreadbury, it only appears to be like that, but the VST3 scanning is not done by the audio engine itself but delegated to the VSTScannerMaster, during plug-in scanning there is no logging happening, only when it is finished the audio engine receives one big report from the master. So those 30 sec are spent in the plug-in scanning. And @j_v owns lots of plug-ins, round about 200, so from that perspective, the 30 sec gap seems reasonable.

Thanks, Ulf. I had it in my mind that plug-in scanning was slower the first time and then quicker thereafter, unless the engine detects a new plug-in has been installed, but perhaps I’m mistaken about that?

Actually you are quite right, @dspreadbury. Especially given the fact that it is a new M1 model.
Even my M1-Mini scans the 44 plugs I have in 2 seconds, so something else must be holding back the engine. The only way to find out will probably be doing a trace with Instruments.
@j_v, would you be willing to install Xcode? Because together with that one comes the Instruments tool application.

Sure! I will install Xcode as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyone’s responses!

Hi @Ulf, I have installed Xcode. What should I do?

With Xcode also Instruments gets installed, you should be able to find it via Spotlight search.
Then make sure no other app is running and start Instruments. Choose the Time Profiler and start the tracing. Then start Dorico until it reaches the hub window, stop tracing, save the trace and zip it up. If it is too big to upload here, send it via Drop Box or other exchange service. If you cannot find one, I can provide some upload space, just let me know.
That is what you need to do in short. If you need more details, let me also know or google for “Instruments Time Profiler”. Thanks

Got it! I will try this out when I get back to my usual workspace. Thank you, @Ulf !

Hi @Ulf , I have the Instruments file now and uploaded it to Drop Box. How can I send it to you?

Hi @j_v , excellent. Please post the link here or send to me at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Hi @Ulf , I can’t include links in my response, so I sent it to you at the address you mentioned! Thank you!