Dorico team in quarantine

How’s the development team doing during these strange times? Are you able to work relatively efficiently these days? Is the team all healthy? Staying motivated? It can’t be as easy as a few months ago.

Thanks for asking!

In the grand scheme of things we have nothing to complain about. All of us individually are fortunate to be healthy, and all of our families likewise (though we think a couple of members of the team may have had the virus at some point before the lockdown began, and one member of the team missed a few weeks of work as a result of a mystery illness at a time before some of the other less-reported symptoms of the virus had become better known). The same is true, so far as I know, of all of our colleagues at Steinberg HQ in Hamburg, and the company is going to continue with its policy of working remotely at least until the end of May, and very possibly longer.

We are fortunate that we are not being asked to work reduced hours and nobody has been furloughed, and indeed so far, in line with the experience of other companies in the music and music technology businesses, some products are doing particularly well at the moment, I guess because people have more time at home to work on their music. There are some complications with shipping physical products (including USB-eLicensers) and of course our dealer network is largely shut down, except for those who can sell online, but nevertheless, without wishing to jinx anything, at the moment, everything is going about as well as can be expected.

On a personal level, and I can’t speak for everybody in the team, but I certainly miss the daily face-to-face interaction with my colleagues and friends with whom I’ve worked for many years, but we’re still managing to make good progress on the things that need to be done, and so far Dorico development is continuing more or less as it normally would.

Thanks for the update, Daniel. This is good news! I think Hamburg will be back to “more normal” sooner than the uk will. Here in Austria we are well-advanced on that route.

All the best,


Graeat! I’m happy for you!.
In North Italy i’ts very hard. My wife work in hospital, She Is a nurse in sector covid-19.
the situation is slowly improving. hopefully it will end soon!

a hug to all dorico friends, developers and users

All in all, it sounds as if things are going as well as anyone can expect. Thanks for the update! I’m looking forward to 3.2/4.0/whatever comes down the pipe.