Dorico the audio hog

I have an issue with sharing my sound over zoom or recording my sound with an audio recorder. In fact whenever I have Dorico open it hogs all the audio and nothing can make sound except Dorico. This is an issue because due to the pandemic all of my lessons are online and when I try to share my current projects over zoom Dorico will mute zoom and my microphone and won’t allow me to share my audio/screen with my instructor. It’s a shame because musescore allows me to do all of that.

Anyone know if this is a fixable issue or if Steinberg doesn’t want me to share my Dorico projects online.


This is due to the type of Windows audio driver being used. I’m not entirely sure, but you may have to change the driver used, or adjust some settings that disable the ‘exclusivity’ of audio to Dorico.

It’s in your Audio Device Advanced Settings.

Do not check this box!

This seems to work although now the audio sometimes cuts in and out or glitches at random intervals, especially when sharing my screen via zoom.
Thanks for the help!

That’s more of a Zoom problem than Dorico. Zoom does huge compression and background sounds filtering to reduce bandwith. Check all Zoom options under Audio to Use Original Sound, supress background noise set to LOW, use High Fidelity music mode, and Stereo audio. When you are in meetings, click the Use Original Sound tab (usually upper left) to turn on. This should help reduce the audio dropouts when sharing. Zoom is not ideal for music collaboration (but alas, it’s often all we have to work with). YMMV