Dorico through my attention from a bar to a different spot on a page

I think this one came b4 but couldn’t have find it - if redundant - I apologize.
So - Dorico through my attention from a bar to a different spot on a page
after I’ve made a change in a bar - can I cancel this function and have Dorico leave me at that bar I was still working in? If so - how.
Many thanks.

I’m not sure I understand your question.
Please define “through my attention from a bar to a different spot on a page”

I think that “threw” was meant rather than “through”.

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Thanks for replying.
So lets say I am working on that bar , perhaps changing voices or deleting few notes - I find that Dorico abruptly refocuses the view on a random different bar on the page and I am not sure why. can’t it just stay on that place in the bar I was working on ? It needs to just stay exactly at the bar I am editing and not move back and forth after I make a change…

If there is a way to cancel this behavior - kindly let me know.


It definitely should.
Do you find this behaviour constant, or does it happens only sometimes?
This sounds like what Dorico does after it has been running for a (very) long time.
Relaunching Dorico (with about 20-30 seconds pause after quitting) and/or restarting your computer, should help this go away.

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One way to avoid this is to edit in Galley view. The visual jumps occur in Page View. Yes, sometimes Dorico jumps the window drawing to a different perspective based on new notes being entered if the layout shifts, or, Dorico jumps the window drawing too much because it is near the edge of the screen when a note or bar changes.

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ok. so you recommend when working on a specific measure to go Galley View.
(Although it would be nice to my humble opinion that it would not do that in page view…)

Yeah I really need to upgrade… I think issues I get with Halion relates to not having enough ram (8gb)… ( in pno 2 the decay suddenly turns to 0 so you actually hear a xylophone being played with a tea spoon… I think :slight_smile: )



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Thank you for that - truly.