Dorico to DAW workflow

As of now, I use Logic Pro X as a score editor and DAW mainly because it’s seamless. I really like Dorico so far but have concerns about composing in Dorico and transferring to Logic. Exporting and importing MIDI and MusicXML has always given me unpredictable results - from unusable to not so bad, but never great.
Is there a way to make this process better or is that just the nature of the beast?

If you do not already own Dorico, you can download the demo version (download Pro: you can use modifier keys on the demo to open the other versions, if you even care) and try porting files from Dorico to Logic.

There might not be a best way at the moment, but there are some better than others. Music XML will not contain the benefit of the expression maps in Dorico - its ability to alter playback according to the notes, tweak velocity, etc. A Music XML export is just the notes and then it will be up to Logic to decide what to do with them.

A midi export will contain the benefit of Dorico’s expression maps and all the other tweaks that you did in Dorico, and should play back exactly the same as it did in Dorico provided that you load the same instruments into Logic in the same way.

Or you can export audio tracks from Dorico… that’s my personal preference. It’s not any slower a workflow than a MIDI export, I don’t have to set up any instruments in the DAW, I free up samples/system resources, etc.

thanks. I’ve tried some midi imports both ways between Logic and Dorico. The rhythms were messed up. But this happens with other apps as well so I dont think its a Dorico problem.
Perhaps something can be done to make the imports better?