Dorico to Finale with NotePerformer

I’m about to transfer (and split up) a large Dorico orchestral project to Finale. It would be useful to retain (or recreate) NotePerformer playback. Any gotchas or advice?

If you own a recent version of NotePerformer, you can use it on any or all of the programs: Sibelius, Dorico, or Finale.
You should be able to choose NotePerformer as your VST in the Score Manager once you have your file in Finale.

If you did not choose the Finale option when you first installed NP, you will have to install it again.

Thanks Derrek! So nothing to watch out for?

I do not know whether Finale has managed to synchronize their playback cursor with NP’s 2-sec calculation delay, but other than that I am not sure what you are concerned about. I generally use Garritan when in Finale and use NP & HALion in Dorico. IIRC one can now use both Garritan and NP together on a Finale piece.

Great! Thank you.

There have been a lot of detailed changes (and hopefully improvements, not just changes!) in NP 3.x for Finale.

The basic problem seems to be that in Finale articulations etc are controlled by the Human Playback feature, which can politely be described as “not very well documented”. Reading the NP release notes it looks like NP have eventually decided on the strategy “let’s not try to understand Finale Human Performance, let’s just copy what it does with the Finale-supplied Garritan sounds because that seems to work pretty well”.

Reading the release notes could be useful if particular playback features don’t work as you expect.

The biggest issue could be the lack of playing techniques etc in MusicXML, if that is how you plan to transfer the scores.

I’m happy for Mxml to transfer the notes - I’ll recreate extras from a printout. Good idea to read the update notes.

Dorico 3.1 also claims to transfer articulations. That’s one less thing you need to do again.

Indeed. I need this stuff for tomorrow so the update is timely!