Dorico to Logic pro

Hello Daniel & Team,

This is my first post here. I am a new (and very enthusiastic) Dorico 3 user, after swapping from Sibelius 6.

I have the following problem;

I have transcribed the big band parts to a song for my daughter that she needs for a school project, for her to work on in Logic pro (her school provides this software, so she has to use that platform). I exported the file as an .xml. It opens in Logic, and you can see all the parts graphically, but there is no sound. I have tried opening other exported files, and the same happens. All of the Dorico files play with sound in Dorico (including the .xml files that I exported from Sibelius), and all other files play perfectly in Logic. MIDI is not an option because the conversion is very buggy.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Thank you for a really splendid program. Sibelius used to drive me up the wall, and I am so glad to work with Dorico.

Best wishes,

Nick Carthy

Dear Nick,
Welcome to the forum, and to the great community of Dorico users (that I call Doricians).
XML export is not the strong asset of Dorico (for now), so that might explain some of the trouble you have. But I find Dorico does export all the notes, all the dynamics that are not mezzo something or fp or sfz, and most of the articulations and slurs (unless they are nested, some glitches occur then)…
It looks like your problem would be to assign a vsti to each player, in Logic. Not sure this forum is the best place to answer this question, that I’d rather ask on a Logic forum.
Somebody with better knowledge of Logic might lend you a hand here, and be sure your questions are always welcome.

Marc is correct: I’ve done a fair amount of back and forth between Logic and Dorico. Logic creates software instrument tracks that have no assigned sounds when you do the XML import. Click on the “instrument” slot for each track and assign an instrument from the library, and you should be good to go.

Welcome to the forum, Nick. I suspect this is actually a Logic question, rather than a Dorico question.
I’ve just tried exporting MusicXML from Sibelius and Dorico, and I downloaded another MusicXML file that I know came from MuseScore. If I import them into Logic, none of them have any sound. As far as I can tell, Logic doesn’t automatically assign sounds to any imported tracks (instruments), where MusicXML is concerned - you need to do that manually.

There are various different ways of doing it, but for each track I suggest you do something along these lines (I don’t know what sound libraries you have there - I’m just pointing you in the right direction)

Do as Pianoleo says, but if you have the latest version of LPX installed there should be a software instrument called ‘Logic Studio Horns’ - which is actually a complete set of big band players with different samples for each chair.