Dorico trial 1.0.10 nov 30

Congrats on all the fixes and tweeks. :smiley:

Now for the trial version.

  1. How big is the download? and how big is installation [cf SSD drives]
    and can it be installed on D:?


  2. What does it come with i.e noise making what ever.

  3. Assume we need a dongle [ which I have].

  4. Assume limited time for fully functional mode there after
    no save etc.



All Steinberg trials are 100% unlimited for as long as the trial license is active. For example, if you have an active Cubase or Groove Agent 4 trial, it’s as if you’re allowed to “own” them for 30 days. All features work exactly like the full version.

thanks for heads up re trial period.


The trial download will be around 9GB in size. You will download the Steinberg Download Assistant first, which is less than 100MB, and then it will download the installation files. At the end of the download, you’ll need to unzip the downloaded file, and then run the installer. As such, you will need around 30GB in total to complete the process, but you can recover 20GB of that at the end by deleting the downloaded zip file and the extracted folder once installation is complete.

You don’t need a USB-eLicenser for the trial; it will use a 30-day time-limited activation code for a Soft-eLicenser. You can move the trial license onto your USB-eLicenser if you like, which allows you to run the trial on another computer if need be.

Once your trial period is complete, Dorico will no longer run at all. It will prompt you for an activation code, and then exit if you do not provide one.

(Still lurking and observing, though very interested) Daniel indicates “You don’t need a USB-eLicenser for the trial; it will use a 30-day time-limited activation code for a Soft-eLicenser.”

It would seem that a solution to the “problem” of having to use the dongle would be to have a version of the Soft-eLicenser that uses a date other than 30 days - so if you buy the program, change the date or number of days to be 99 years out, or some such.

So, you download the trial, it has a 30-day limit period. You decide to buy Dorico, and the process updates the eLicenser’s limit period. You may have to reprogram how/where the 30-day limit is defined to make it updateable, but there you go :wink:

The full version of Dorico also uses the Soft-eLicenser: you don’t have to use the USB-eLicenser at all. You can have a permanent license on a Soft-eLicenser just as you can on the USB-eLicenser.

So normally, in fact, you would install the trial, decide at some point that you want to buy Dorico, buy the application either from our online shop or from your local music shop, and then simply run eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) and enter the new Activation Code you have received to install a permanent license on your Soft-eLicenser. The 30-day trial version will quietly expire, and then be removed the next time you run the default library maintenance task in eLCC.

You only need to use the USB-eLicenser at all if you need to run Dorico on more than one computer.