Dorico tryout

I did not receive the link to the Tryout


If you already own a Dorico license you will not receive a trial license on the same mySteinberg account. You’ll get one if you ask. Surprisingly, I was offered one on my work email, without even asking, having previously only registered for general notification of Dorico news…

Thanks for your answer
I have found the link to download :wink: and I have finish to download the 9 GB

Where do I get the License ?

Check the spam folder in your email program, Cyril. Although there’s no particular reason why the email containing the trial activation code should end up in your spam folder, it might still do so.

Hello Daniel
I have search even in the Spam and Trash folders, and there are no email from Steinberg except : Confirm your subscription to Steinberg’s Making Notes blog

Can you resend it ?