Dorico: two voices in a two-line percussion instrument

Hello, I’ve engraving a percussion sextet using Dorico. There’s a part when a percussionist have two play two bongos, which uses a two-line staff in Dorico. But, when I tried to input a line with 2 voices, Dorico seems to prohibit me to do this.

And I’ve tried an another way: using Sibelius to type this part using a two-line staff with no instrument, output musicxml file and then open it with Dorico. And Dorico just simply crashes after I input this xml file in.

So, how can I finish the notation of this part? Thanks a lot!

The original Edition from Peermusic is here:

In Dorico, what I can input is like this:

It’s possible but you have to use this menu instead of the regular voices:



Oh, right! Thanks a lot Jesper!
Problem solved.