Dorico und NotePErformer

Hallo zusammen,
ich habe Dorico neu installiert und möchte es mit Noteperformer verbinden. Dies sollte eigentlich im Menü Wiedergabe > Wiedergabevorlage funktionieren. Leider wird mir Noteperformer dort nicht angezeigt. Auch unter den Voreinstellungen kann ich Noteperformer als Voreinstellung speichern. Ich habe bereits Dorico einmal deinstalliert und neu installiert, das hat leider nicht geholfen. Was kann ich tun?

Welcome to the forum @paul42 .
And Noteperformer is also installed and actually the right derivate? Because NotePerformer comes in 3 different flavors (or maybe even more). One for use in Finale, one for Sibelius and also one for Dorico. So make sure you have the right one for use in Dorico.
And please also do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Thank you,
how can I find out, if it’s the right version of NotePerformer? My Brother uses the same version and he had no problems.

I can import sounds manually into playback templates. But I don’t know which file I would need for this.

Please do as Ulf suggests and attach a diagnostic report for us to take a look at.

When you installed NotePerformer you ticked the boxes to install for Finale/Sibelius/Dorico (you chose the combination you need).
If in doubt - reinstall NotePerformer and check the appropriate boxes.

Now it works. Thank you so much!

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