Dorico unresponsive

Dear Ulf,
This is the diagnostic report I just produced, after Dorico was relaunched after force quitting. It’s become unresponsive (I changed to Engrave mode, the button was changed up there but everything still in write mode… and nothing would change or move), and as it has already happened yesterday, I thought maybe something was wrong with my system.
Hope this helps !
Damned, file too large. I send it by mail.

Unfortunately neither I nor the London guys could find anything in the logs. When Dorico becomes unresponsive again, we need a spin dump of it.

I noticed my ik multimedia plug-ins could be updated. So I did. I’ll let you know if there is no problem with the update!

Use the updated plug-in in a project and close it. Then create a diagnostics report and have a look inside, if you find any recent crash dump. If not, it should be fine.

Thanks Ulf. I have had three more crash dumps, and it appears to be related with this plug-in. But it was before I updated it. I’ll check again later today !