Dorico Update issue

Dear all,
I have downloaded all required applications for Dorico in Steinberg downloaded assistant, and nothing happens, no further buttons. What are the next steps for update?
I have tried also from Steinberg homepage. for mac, using safari and chrome browsers. After “installation” i see in Dorico that im still with old version.
In my steinberg acount no further commands are appearing to complete download.

What version do you currently have?

5.0.20, I need 5.1.40

There should be an Updates category in Steinberg Download Assistant (above "My product downloads), if there is an update that needs installing.

Failing that, it should be sufficient to install the Application Installer under the Dorico 5 section.

You’re absolutely sure that the latest version hasn’t been installed? The Finder uses cached data, and doesn’t always reflect the latest info. Have you checked “About Dorico” from the Dorico app menu?

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Just to clarify what I think Ben means here, try first to make sure you have the most recent version of the Steinberg Download Assistant. Then try again to download (and install) the Dorico update.


Now it’s working. Thanks a lot. !!

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