Dorico update notification... bug?

I noticed something so strange with D4 update notification, when the latest update is being released in the forum, I don’t get any notification update till an hour or later after 2 days as an email notification. Also when running Dorico, it should notify me or popup a screen that a new update is ready to go no?? why should we manually go to “Help / Check for Updates” or run the Steinberg Download Assistant app and seek for the update? Shouldn’t all these be automatic?

It’s a bit annoying.

I definitely don’t want Dorico to automatically install updates while I’m working on a project. I’m afraid there will be changes I don’t want and might be overlooking!


The new ‘badge’ on the Learn tab of the Hub should be a huge help with this. That badge is telling you that there’s a new blog post or YouTube video available, and it may well be that those posts/videos are notifying you of a new version.

I didn’t noticed that anyway.