Dorico update - ovewritten custom key commands?


I’m on Mac Dorico 3 and recently updated to Dorico 3.1.10 and it looks like my custom key commands were overwritten. Am not seeing the custom keycommands I had previously created in Dorico / Preferences / Key Commands. Did this update overwrite the keycommands_en.json file?

I’m not sure I’m looking in the right place, but when I look at ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3/keycommands_en.json this file size is only 1.9kb and my prior file was 10kb.

Restore the old file from your backup.

Dorico doesn’t interfere with any of the data in your user folder when you install or update it. I’m not sure how you might have come to lose your old key commands data, but hopefully you do as Ben says have a backup you can restore the previous version from.

it seems that the last two updates of dorico do overwrite the custom key commands.
Especially the hack for the microtonal accidentals. Is there a way to avoid that in the future?

Found the problem. There are two different key command files and I changed the original one not the one with the changed key commands

Yes, just to be clear: neither at the time when this thread was posted, nor now, does Dorico interfere with any of the data in your user-level application support folder when you install an update.