Dorico upgrade from 3.5 to 4.0

Hello! What is the correct procedure for installing the new version? Do you have to uninstall the previous 3.5? Or is it overwritten? How do you prove to be the owner of version 3.5?

You don’t need to uninstall 3.5, they can run independently from each other.

When activating the license in the new steinberg activation manager, it will check your licenses in the old e-Licenser and require you to update your current 3.5 license to a permanent state (I don’t know what that means, but it still works).

I assume Steinberg has 2 ways to check your licenses:

  • see if 3.5 is registered on your account
  • see if 3.5 is in the Soft- or USB-Licenser

Thanks for the reply. Previous projects (version 3.5) that you know open without problems?

I’ve posted a description of the upgrade process here (click).

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for me, dorico 4 isn’t running yet, but in the past it was no problem to open older projects in Dorico 4. It tells you often that the project will be updated to a newer version.

Usually, one was also able to open newer projects in older versions, but of course some of the features go missing again, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Best to keep backups!

Thanks again … let’s cross our fingers and try … :sweat_smile:

I bought Dorico 3.5 on November 11th 2021 but I upgraded my PC in January and hadn’t reinstalled Dorico because I didn’t have time to deal with the troubleshooting issues I was having.
When I tried to reinstall Dorico 3.5, my software wouldn’t show up on my Steinberg account, so I contacted the ask,net employees and they reactivated that for me. However, upon redownloading 3.5, it said I was unable to activate it because my activation code has been used already. I don’t know what to do to fix this problem but I would really like to download my grace-period update to Dorico 4.0, and its not showing any licenses in my license manager so I can’t redeem it from there, or even use Dorico 3.5 in the meantime. I also did not receive an email with my activation code, but I’m pretty sure the article says that because I did not purchase Dorico in the summer sale I am supposed to do this upgrade within the download manager, or license manager, etc. I’ve tried all of the programs, and I wouldn’t consider myself technologically challenged, so I think it’s just a glitch.
I only post here because I have been trying to resolve this issue since 6/25 and I have not heard back from the Steinberg info desk.

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems getting up and running, Parker. It looks as if you didn’t register your software after you first activated it in November last year, which will make things a little difficult, but don’t worry: we can get this sorted out.

If you could please send me a private message (click on my name above this post, then click the blue Message button) with the following information, I should be able to get you sorted out:

  • Your original Dorico 3.5 activation code from your purchase in November 2021
  • The Soft-eLicenser number shown when you run eLicenser Control Center on your new computer
  • Your registered Steinberg ID address, if it’s different from the one you use to sign in to this forum