Dorico Upgrade

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if I have to reinstall and re-register my Dorico on Steinberg, when I decide to upgrade and get the new version on the same computer.
does anyone know the smoothest way to do it ?

Welcome on board @Houry_Dora_Apartian ! If I understood well, you can have all the Dorico versions you want on the same computer! Just install the new one and activate the new license! :wink:

HI Alberto Maria, thank you for your reply.
that’s actually what I meant. Last time I was upgrading, I had difficulty with the license, ACTIVATION process. So I will give it a try, hopefully it works smoothly this time if not, I will revisit this forum with more question ; )
thank you and have a good day. HDA

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Switching from 3 to 4 (old licensing to new licensing) was more complex than subsequent upgrades.