Dorico user - halion6 - instrument range expand

Hello all!

I want to expand the range of an instrument (SO Tuba Combi)
It goes high to f3 but I need it to play up to b3 (euphonium/baritone range)
I bought halion 6 for this because in topic 105305 someone said this would not be possible with Sonic SE3 but with halion.

I looked everywhere and have this problem for other instruments as well - glockenspiel for example.
I wrote music for a 3 1/2 octave concert glockenspiel so I could really use this range and not just 1 1/2 octaves as in SO.

Many thanks for help!
I’m very sorry if this is an issue well known and often solved bit I just couldn’t find a solution.

Best regards

You will have to look in the mapping editor.
Extend the range of the last samples (to the right) by drag / selecting all their velocity layers, and then dragging the right edge to extend the range.

I attached a picture of how I did it.

You will also have to save user programs of the HSO instruments that you have changed, otherwise you will have to make the changes every time you load them.

Hello ApoMus,

Thank you for your fast reply and useful help!
It works like you explained!

Thanks again!
Best regards