Dorico uses exclusive audio output

While Halion Sonic SE is loaded in Dorico I cannot use any other audio app on my computer.

I know that there should be a mode in Halion to allow other audio programs to be used. I did not find the setting. Where is it?

I’m afraid we do not yet have an option to release the audio driver when Dorico is in the background, but this is a high priority and I hope we will be able to add it for the first update.

In the meantime, using the supplied General Low-Latency ASIO Device may allow you to access some multi-client support that will at least prevent other applications from being silenced while Dorico is running.

The default setting was already “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” where I deselected the Exclusive option:

So now I have playback in my other audio apps while Dorico is running.