Dorico uses "first page" layout on the second page of some blocks********

HI all

I’ve a project that have several blocks (32 so far…), and each block is 1 to 4 pages length.

With the blocks with more than one page, Dorico uses two differents headers (that is what I want). But sometimes, in a two pages block, it uses the "first’ page header on the two pages. And I don’t know how to correct it.

I use Dorico Elements.

I’ve tried several things. For example, il I duplicate a “wrong” block, the copy performs well (with two differents headers). And if I destroy the wrong bolck to keep only the copy, the remaining block changes, and uses two “first pages” header.
So I thought the problem came from the precedent block, but I don’t understand why, and I don’t see any problem.

Thanks for your help

@Sebastien_BANCQUART , welcome to the forum.

Thank you for mentioning that you use Elements right at the start. If might be helpful to see what your Layout Options are for Flows, partiucular those highlighted below.

As a new user of the forum, you may find this information about posting attachments useful.

Beyond that, posting an excerpt of your Dorico file would also help other users offer suggested remedies. In the years I have been on the forum, I have never seen a complaint that a posted file has been misused.

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Thanks for your answer.

Here is the file.

for example, look at block 24 (wrong headers) and block 25 (good headers)

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One general problem is that you have page overrides on every page; that can prevent page templates from taking their natural course. Let me see if I can work with them in Dorico Pro.

It is best not to try to make adjustments on every page but to define layout rules that apply generally. Admittedly Pro is more flexible than Elements here.

[following what @derrek wrote…]

Hi @Sebastien_BANCQUART beside the useful suggestions of @Derrek I made some changes in your file with Dorico Pro, and attach here, in case you want to use it. It showcases the power of engraving mode functionalities of Pro, that in case of more complex projects (as yours seems to be), can be very handy.

  • Because of the functionality of Elements, you wrote the flow composer names tokens directly in the layout: this created overrides (visible in pro) that I removed.

  • I added the composer name Token to the Flow Heading, so that you don’t need to have the First page Template to visualise the composer names.

  • In addition, I edited the Default page template (the one used from the second page on) to show the Project title in the header.

Here the file:
DEBUG-Corrected in Dorico Pro.dorico (2.3 MB)

An here some of the steps I made (using Dorico Pro), in case you want to have a foretaste of the possibilities :slight_smile: :

Christian has found the same things I did while perusing your file. (He should probably get the “Solution” checkmark if you are satisfied with his changes. I made an altered file too, but since Christian has posted his, I’ll refrain.

Using Frame Breaks and System breaks on these pages is fine; that will not cause an override. The Flow Composer typed in manually was what caused the overrides (as Christian mentioned), and as he suggests, you should change the First Page Template to make typing them onto each page unnecessary.

Let us know, if you have more questions.

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Many thanks for both of you.

This is my first real project with Dorico and I missed some details. I take back your file, the result is perfect.

In short, I have 2 solutions :

  • buy Dorico Pro and create my own layout to avoid using exceptions.
  • stay in Dorico Elements, create my project without modifying headers, and once all my modifications are OK, then modify, by hand, one after other, all the headers.

Once again, thanks a lot.


If you decide you want to upgrade to Dorico Pro, keep this post from @dspreadbury in mind.

Hi @Sebastien_BANCQUART , I found a little nice video that explains some functionalities of Elements, somewhat related to your thread (in case you want to squeeze out all Element functionality, before opting for an Upgrade to pro :slight_smile: ):

Very interesting.

Thanks again for your valuable help