Dorico uses illegal ctrl+alt+up/down on Windows

The shortcuts ctrl+alt+up/down/left/right are reserved by Windows to switch the screen display direction and thus make the shortcuts in Dorico for moving notes by an octave impossible. Gonna have to find something else. Why not just Ctrl + up/down, this is standard in many other notation software.

I noticed the behaviour of ctrl+up/down is different than regular up/down in Dorico, but it is not documented in the key commands help file. Can a developer elaborate?

No, those shortcuts are not reserved by Windows, but rather by the Intel graphics adaptor drivers installed on lots of Windows PCs. Please see here.

Interesting, that makes a lot of sense.
Thanks, I also found the ctrl + up documentation (I was not looking for the up symbol, but rather the word ‘up’).
I don’t see a use for that so I’ll use it for the octaves.

Loving this software!

I have more bugs (mainly playback related in certain conditions) but I’ll hold off until I’ve done more testing.
If anyone uses a chat room to discuss Dorico in real time, like an IRC or silent facebook group message, I’d love to know.

Indeed, shortcuts are fine for me on Windows. Related to that however, is that Dorico interprets the right Alt (the “Char Alt”) as Ctrl+Alt.

This is annoying since you cannot Alt-move notes with one hand using the Alt key next to the arrow keys - it automatically moves them up/down octaves. Is this intended behaviour, so you can have a “one key” Ctrl+Alt combination, or not? I would prefer it if both Alt keys just did Alt, and that you have to explicitely press Ctrl as well to get Ctrl.

On Windows, the right Alt key is normally an AltGr key, which is indeed the same as typing Ctrl and Alt together.