Dorico v2 documentation link missing on site?


I just went into my web browser to and I notice that Dorico 2 is not linked to, the only available documentation is for Dorico v1. Yet if I manually click in my address bar, and change the “v1” to “v2” then I get the Dorico 2 documentation. Was this an oversight? I see for other products like Cubase there is a version prompt when you choose the product, but clicking Dorico instead of Cubase brings the user directly to the v1 documentation instead of asking if they want v1 or v2.

My go to phrase is “please search before posting”. But in this case the post FIVE DOWN the front page of the forum from this thread contains the words “most current version”. Go and read it.

edit: here, in case it’s not completely obvious:

At the moment, the documentation you find behind the “v2” URL is actually the same as the documentation behind the “v1” URL, and you will only get to that page directly if you go there from the Help menu in Dorico itself.

But as soon as there is some actual Dorico 2 documentation that contains information specific to Dorico 2, then it will appear on the main page for Dorico as well.