Dorico v3.1 lines cross staves (crash)

I had some problems with vertical lines where there were notes that were made cross staves (n, m).
I also had crashes in wanting to move the notes back to the original stave or deleting them (sent to you).
Click on one of the first couple of D notes and press n.
And click on the D in the 3rd beat, then press m,n and you get a spurious line.
I hope this makes sense, otherwise just play around with it a little with doing a few cross staves, chords and lines.

test (532 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately Dorico can crash when a cross-staff vertical line becomes single staff if the line is on the right hand side. I’d suggest for now to delete the line before moving back the note to its original staff to avoid the crash. As for the spurious lines, you’ll find that closing and reopening the file will make them disappear. Apologies for these inconveniences.