Dorico & VE Pro

Hello, all is in the titre :slight_smile:

so, i have a compléte orchestral template in ve pro (slave computer) and i want to use dorico for writing and using sound from ve pro.
does it work and do you have some documentation about it please ?



There have been/are several threads on this form discussing this, for instance:

Some aspects are easy and work; Expression Maps less so.

Things are still developing…

thank you , i go and see, but i have ever seen your post before and i have no whitelist in my mac ?..

You have to make your own whitelist. Instructions here:

ok, thank you :slight_smile:


i have try but in fact the VE whose is yet in dorico is working without elso i do.
the problème will be now to configure it.
i have quicly try and all my instrument in the slave are in kontakt and répertoried by chanl midi.
each instrument is for expemple : ch 1 leg ch 2 sus tain ch 3stacc …
when i enter a group in dorico with ve pro the first instrumentiste is ch 1 the sec is ch 2 … so one line per ch midi…
if some one have a helping méthod, i will sleep better :slight_smile:




Don’t worry. It is possible :slight_smile:.

But Percussion Maps are not completely implemented yet.

Connect and configure using VE§, not VI.

Do not include Kontakt.

Does the attached checklist help?
Dorico with (5 KB)

ok i will have a nice night :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, Thierry. Maybe to get the Channels right would be a good place to start.

Please let us know how you get on. Good luck!

It’s not (yet) possible to switch MIDI channels using expression maps. This subject is already exhausted on this forum …