Dorico->VEp CC or pc change and how to do it

Need some help please. Stumped as to how to do this.
I’d like to change instruments by using a tr articulation to trigger an instrument in the rack here’s where I am, I just can’t get it change in VEP7

You don’t have to make your own half-step trill glyph, there is already one in Dorico built in that works just fine, you just have to use it.

You’ll need a keyswitch for the half step trill. Currently there is no key switch set so you’re just going to hear whatever articulation was used previously.

I should also clarify, what you are doing is not VE Pro specific, you would have the same procedure if you were using Opus directly in Dorico. VE Pro has no effect on the interaction between expression maps and the actual sample engine, it just passes everything through without modification.

Thanks for the reply, but somewhere I read maybe it was Dan that said this could be done just he didn’t use VEP). Not all instruments have all KS, so one has to use more. So you need more than one instrument from one VST. That’s where I understand VEP works. It send a program change (use to call it patch change) to trigger those other instruments on down the line in the one single opus (or kontakt, etc) vst.

I’m afraid you misunderstand, VE Pro does nothing with Program Changes but pass them along to the connected virtual instrument.

However, you can do this in Opus itself, like this:

There I’ve got Basses Bartok Pizz RR and Basses Col Legno on the same MIDI channel 1 (notice they are not KS patches) and defined the zones to use the key switches C-2 for the pizz and C#-2 for the col legno. When using those keyswitches, it switches between the two on MIDI channel 1, even though they aren’t keyswitch patches.

You can alternatively use program changes or CC values instead of Key Switches if you prefer, those are all options in Opus.

I would suggest using the KS patches for whatever you can, even though you can make everything a keyswitch in this method, as otherwise your list will get quite large vertically and it might become difficult to work with.

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

2 Questions: How and why do you have two midi ins?

and…How do you manage this in Kontakt? Thanks

The two MIDI ins are only there because I started Opus in Standalone mode to take that screenshot for you, it’s not running inside VE Pro there. Obviously there are two MIDI input devices active on my system when it is running in standalone rather than as a plugin, so the channel selection appears twice. If I ran it as a plugin inside VE Pro, you would always only see the one regardless of how many hardware MIDI input devices you have, as the plugin format abstracts away the hardware MIDI inputs on the system.

In Kontakt, you create a multi and use program changes to switch between instruments of the multi. However, this technique is not recommended if the sample library has a better way of switching between the instruments. The vast majority of sample libraries for Kontakt have sufficient capabilities for you to switch between all available patches without having to use this strategy. I’ve never seen a commercial library that doesn’t. The only patches I would have to use this for would be things like the Kontakt Factory Library which are quite basic, or other free libraries.

ha! michael at EW just answered it quite the same second you replied.
Murphy’s law.