Dorico version 2.1

This morning I watched a youtube video on Dorico 2.1

It probably won’t take long until we can download it…

The video looks excellent tho. Sorting playback has been one of the show stoppers for me. I hope to be able to make the move from Sibelius

I think you can download this video already now… :slight_smile:

I’m amazed at the pace of dev team again and again!
And I honestely feel compassion for the team doing the manual!

Yes! Line breaks in staff labels!

From the video: “There are hundreds of reasons to upgrade today!” I surely would do that TODAY.

I am REALLY impressed by all the things the team has managed to implement!

For me “Silence” is worth the entrance price alone!

Also, a reason to move from Sibelius is the rhythm dots option, which I have wanted for ages…


Dear David,
What rhythm dot option are you talking about? The one that has been added in the last Sibelius update? I guess there are plenty of S users that should thank Dorico’s team for making things move in the industry!

Dear Marc,

When voice 1 and voice 2 share the same note (on a line) and both have a dot of prolongation, it is apparently possible in Dorico2 to show only one dot and not both. (Not mentioned in the voice over, but visible on the video at 1:36.)


You’re right!!! I’ve seen this too. And as Lae, line breaks in staff labels ^^
I thought you were talking about the very convenient way to transform two quavers (or quarters or whatever) into the dotted (or 3+1) version…

You can’t download Dorico 2.1 just yet, but you can get an early look at the details of what includes in the Version History PDF. More news to come later on this morning.

The update is now available.

I, for one, would like to say not only “Woohoo”, but also “Bravi!”.The growth of the feature set over the last 12 months has been wizardly. While there are those who criticize Dorico for missing features, my experience has been that any limitations are regularly and quickly addressed in a way that surpasses expectations.

Furthermore, the candour with which you announce future updates and their likely contents is a breath of fresh air.

OK, I know I’m now a total fanboi, but this is another impressive incremental update. You folks are really listening to us users!

Plus, what other notation product uses the word “propagate?”



Thanks, Ben. Everybody on the team has worked really hard to keep the momentum going and we are very pleased with how Dorico 2.1 has turned out. We’re not slowing down just yet, either!

And thanks, Jim. When Ant and I hit upon “propagate properties” we had a bit of a chuckle and couldn’t possibly use any other term afterwards…




Congratulations Daniel and team!!

Quick question: I downloaded and installed the upgrade to 2.1 and the manual with changes, do I also need the 2.1 playback 1? (that’s 2.54 GB)?

And what about Playback 2?


Am I correct that the Edit > Propagate function at least on existing projects must be done on a flow-by-flow basis?
(i.e. no way to propagate changes from Full Score to parts all at once over many flows)

Peter, you don’t need to download any of the playback related stuff if you had Dorico 2.0 installed.

Adrian, yes, because doing e.g. Select All applies only to one flow, propagating properties also applies only to one flow.